Wednesday, October 16, 2013

As a DIYer

Besides making lightening everyday in a scientific institute for fundamental research, I enjoy a life of being creative.

Do-It-Yourself is a fabulous idea. People usually don't realize that there are tons of stuff you don't have to buy, or even you can't buy one from the market. From upgrading a desktop to making a personalized robot, there are plenty of things that you can do simply by yourself (and maybe with some help found by Google). Most importantly, there is a lot of fun in DIY.

Some projects I have already done are converting an old laptop into HTPC, function amplifier for home karaoke (my wife's favorite), parabola wifi antenna, and various projects involving using a Raspberry Pi (RPi) micro-computer such as self-navigation robot and CNC laser engraver.

I am starting this blog today and hopefully I can find enough time to maintain this site and keep uploading some of my DIY projects. And hopefully I can use this blog to help myself keep track on the things I am doing.

Here is a little portable vacuum that can be powered by battery. The main part come from a very old server computer fan (a blower type). The blower fan is only 5W. The static pressure is 0.5in H2O, which is very low, but is good enough for sucking little dust on the ground. I am trying to mount it in a self-navigation car I built so the car will become a vacuum robot.